Dragon Doll Stories
The first ever created, Noire is the advocate of the Dragon Dolls. He is bubbly and loves food in general, but give him checkerboard cookies and he’s over the moon. Especially if they’re home made. He loves to fly around and brag for and about his Mama.
The embodiment of enlightenment by boba, Momo loves her bubble tea. All the other Dragon Dolls think that she lives on said substance. She’s very relaxed when she has her favorite drink in hand, but without it? You really don’t want to know.
Lover of all fried potato sticks, wedges, and crosscuts. Sunny loves french fries, crinkle cut, cross cut, curly, any sort of fries you can get. He loves it the best when the fries are plain and only need some salt, but he doesn’t mind sauces.
Burgers burgers burgers. Ludo loves his burgers. He dreams of them every night, from hamburgers to deluxe cheeseburgers. If it’s a burger, Ludo wants it, no questions asked. Be careful if you’re eating one and he’s around. It might disappear.
A specialist of soft serve, this cheeky little queen of the cone loves all flavors of the infamous soft serve ice cream, but soft cream (from Japan specifically) is her number one favorite. Her favorite flavor you ask? She loves Vanilla and Neopolitan the best.
Iced and Blended coffee drinks? You can bet Latte loves them all. Look at those eyes every time she sees a cup. How much coffee has she had today you ask? That’s a good question. How intensely is she bouncing off the walls?
Super relaxed and cool under pressure so long as you don’t take his beer. Cabby, as he’s called by the rest of the Dragon Dolls, is the responsible drinker and cool old man figure since he’s one of the few who doesn’t act like a kid.
Cola? No no no, that simply will not fly with Solus. It has to be citrus soda, so only orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit. Lemon is his favorite by far, and he never minds sharing. So long as he can share his carbonation adoration.
At first, he was an outcast. No one really knew how to talk to Jack. He stayed in the pumpkin patch outside, carving jack-o-lanterns to be friends with him. Now, no one can go through halloween without Jack’s carving talents.
Problem child? No, just a little sassy. He’s one of the few Noire refers to as “little brother” even though he acts much more mature. His one weakness? Candy Corn. That’s the only thing that makes him sit down and be relaxed instead of intense and serious.
A prima donna and an idol amongst the Dragon Dolls. Prima loves three things, accessories, singing, and tea parties. If it was possible, Prima would host a never-ending tea party. Can you guess this cutie’s hidden secret???
Now, THIS boy is the trouble maker. Vice is hot headed, always breaking rules, and never listens unless he feels like it. The black sheep of the family, some might consider him villainous. But this little rebel just knows what he wants.



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